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Embellished Paper Crane Ornaments
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Embellished Paper Crane Ornaments
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Visit my Paper Crane Website at

You can see many more examples of my cranes, earrings, mobiles and samples of the papers I use.

Hand silk screened Japanese Yuzen Washi paper is so beautiful and inspiring and I enjoy folding paper cranes with it. Paper cranes are like mini sculptures (I only fold cranes). Paper cranes are an international symbol of peace and given as a wish for good health, at weddings and other life events.

I love adding beautiful beads and other embellishments to complete the design. These are intended to hang on a tree, in a window or on its own stand. It is not recommended to hang in a hot car.

Each crane ornament comes with its own gift box, the Legend of the Paper Crane and a description of how Washi paper is made in Japan.

When ordering crane ornaments, send me an email indicating what color you wish. I will choose the papers in that color range. I can not guarantee any particular Washi paper pattern as the patterns are not always available. Colors: red, green, blue, purple, turquoise, or pink.

Embellished paper cranes are also available at the
Stockton Art League (Stockton, CA)
The Mistlin Art Gallery (Modesto, CA)
Tracy Grand Art Gallery (Tracy, CA)
Carnegie Art Center (Turlock, CA)

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